Unteralterbach – Teen Time

So someone posted updated Unteralterbach cards with the girls in their teen years (aka Seven Years Later). I went ahead and made a little video of the girls (using the porn shop map). Ideally there are a few things I would have change about the characters (keep em shaven, where’s the adult teeth for Laura, and I did way too many closeups on the redhead) but it was cool to see the girls all grown up still. Hopefully if I find the time I will do some more vids!! ATF Video Link

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Unteralterbach Videos!

I had wanted to do a sequel to “The Producer” series for awhile and I finally have put a new Unteralterbach series together. Called the “Love Hotel”. Unlike before these were video based and with the music from the game. They are based off the studio card series by 八之介 which I did do some character swaps. Hopefully you enjoy seeing the girls back in action and in a whole new way. Multi-part. My last active creation in 2017 was a set of 8 Unteralterbach videos for the “Love Hotel“. I finished 9 + 10 in 2019!

Download these videos on ATF -> Videos 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, 7+8
But now they are ALL back on Iwara!! See the finale and some vengeance!

TKG Girls and Videos 2

So I was wanting a short little break from my Equestrian Girls and so I was putting together a few videos for TKG’s Girls which I posted previously.  I was finding a few more cuties he had designed and posted in a few recent studio scene cards.  Using Waifu Ripper again I ripped, age reduced the the more buxom ones, translated the names, and posted a few new cards. They are just such pretty girls! Continue reading “TKG Girls and Videos 2”

Lessons, Shares, and Assistance Galore

I made two tutorial videos this week on various mods and setting up studio scenes, as did my friend tenten45, who created his own line of clothing. It’s great to see a fellow ATF member take the leap into new children’s clothing, hot student uniforms, and wonderful tutorials.

In addition to that there all kinds of great shares on ATF by an array of fellow HS fans. Its good things on our own board are so stable and busy. I hope you check out the thread for all kinds of news on mods, studio cards, outfits, and advice.