Unteralterbach – Teen Time

So someone posted updated Unteralterbach cards with the girls in their teen years (aka Seven Years Later). I went ahead and made a little video of the girls (using the porn shop map). Ideally there are a few things I would have change about the characters (keep em shaven, where’s the adult teeth for Laura, and I did way too many closeups on the redhead) but it was cool to see the girls all grown up still. Hopefully if I find the time I will do some more vids!! ATF Video Link

I’m Back!

My ATF Blogs are all back online! Give them a look through. Sorry they were offline with the ATF blog purge and certificate issues well before that.

I am posting some of my old EQG and Unteralterbach sets on Pixiv now. So far no issues at all and a really good reception so far too! Up to 1250 followers so that’s a great reception by a new audience.  Now if only Iwara still had all my videos instead of just a small amount of them…..

Long Time no Post!

I haven’t made a post on this blog in about 1/2 a year as I’ve mostly put down the game. Hopefully there’s enough info on the blog to find what you need off the ATF thread and how to play the gane. My last active creation was a set of 8 Unteralterbach videos for the “Love Hotel“.

Check it out if you haven’t. Hope you enjoy HS whether a veteran or a noob!

Many of my vids were taken off Iwara due to policy changes with loli content. Go to lolicit or ATF to find any vids or pics!