Unteralterbach – Teen Time

So someone posted updated Unteralterbach cards with the girls in their teen years (aka Seven Years Later). I went ahead and made a little video of the girls (using the porn shop map). Ideally there are a few things I would have change about the characters (keep em shaven, where’s the adult teeth for Laura, and I did way too many closeups on the redhead) but it was cool to see the girls all grown up still. Hopefully if I find the time I will do some more vids!! ATF Video Link

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Unteralterbach Videos!

I had wanted to do a sequel to “The Producer” series for awhile and I finally have put a new Unteralterbach series together. Called the “Love Hotel”. Unlike before these were video based and with the music from the game. They are based off the studio card series by 八之介 which I did do some character swaps. Hopefully you enjoy seeing the girls back in action and in a whole new way. Multi-part. My last active creation in 2017 was a set of 8 Unteralterbach videos for the “Love Hotel“. I finished 9 + 10 in 2019!

Download these videos on ATF -> Videos 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, 7+8
But now they are ALL back on Iwara!! See the finale and some vengeance!

“The Producer”, an Unteralterbach Story

I’m working on a new storyline with the Unteralterbach characters. Think of it as an East meets West crossover as one of Japan’s top creators of porn flies to Germany to do shoots with the girls.  Think of it as a prequel to the Bernd game and perhaps an origin story (if you want). I have the threads on ATF and Lolicit.

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Unteralterbach Models!

Anyone who’s been around for the last couple years should be aware of the beloved Unteralterbach game that took some real life German controversy and made one the best hentai games around. Fans have made tribute art, translated it, and made multiple threads on places like 8chan.  What hasn’t happened (and likely won’t) is a sequel. Therefore the wonderful Unteralterbach models developed are fantastic achievements and allow all kinds of new fun and adventures.  Get them now and I promise you’ll have a blast with the girls in an entirely new way. Thanks so much to the creator who designed and shared!


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